40 Times People Realised Their Grandparents Were Cooler Than Them

11. My grandparents celebrating the New Year in 1938

cool grandparents

12. My Crazy Grandfather

cool grandparentsSunsetMerlot

This is my crazy grandfather. Hands down, the funniest old coot that’s ever existed. On his deathbed, he told us (his grandkids) “Don’t be cheap. Spend 25 cents and buy the paper. The Times promised me a big spread.” He worked as a photographer for the LA Times for 50+ years and had many famous photos, including the first published photo of an atomic bomb explosion. He was a man of many stories and an unforgettable sense of humor. After laying his wife and two sons to rest, he stayed strong and kept his spirit high. He battled prostate cancer for 20+ years and lived to see his 92nd birthday and his great grandchildren. RIP Grandpa

13. My Grandfather Was Into Cosplay Before It Was “The Thing To Do”

cool grandparentsRadionicPsychotronic

14. My Very Cool Grandpa In The 1950s Holding A Fish, Smoking A Cigarette, With A Book Tucked Into His Pants And Cigarette Pack In His Sleeve

cool grandparentsschants

15. My Grandma Smoking Her Cigarette On The Farm. Wearing Pants And Doing Whatever The Hell She Wanted, 1938

cool grandparentsbringdoughnuts

16. I Recently Lost My Grandmother To Cancer. This Will Always Be One Of My Favorite Photo Of Her

cool grandparentswefoundeachotherinthedark

17. WW2 – My Badass Grandpa With A Car He Stole From Nazis

cool grandparentsksm2721

18. My Great Grandfather Showing Off One Of The Horses He Trained For WW1 – Petawawa, ~1922

cool grandparentsFutureMillionaire_

19. My Grandmother With Then-Mercury 7 Astronauts John Glenn, Gus Grissom, And Alan Shepherd (September 14th, 1959)

cool grandparentsdi11deux

20. My Great-Great Grandfather, The Samurai Of A Small Coal Mining Town In Kyushu, Posing With My Grandmother And One Of Her Sisters ~1900

cool grandparentsDiarrheaThighs