40 Times People Realised Their Grandparents Were Cooler Than Them

1. My Grandparents Wearing Each Other’s Clothes, 1943

cool grandparentsTheTimeIsChow

2. My Great Grandfather Gave Einstein Violin Lesson

cool grandparentshowdidyougetin

3. Grandma Sent Me A Picture Of My Grandpa At My Age To Make Me Feel Like Shit

cool grandparentsjbob5059

4. My Grandmother, 1940s

cool grandparentsFinneganWelles

5. Granny On The Wing Of My Dad’s Cropduster Plane. She Did This A Few Times That I Know Of

cool grandparentssilvervendetta

6. I see your granduncle and raise you my grandmother. This picture was next to her coffin at her funeral (late 60s or early 70s)

cool grandparentsCallMeBlue

7. My Granny (Nicknamed Kidd) Wasn’t Allowed To Join The Air Force Because She Was A Woman. So She Taught Young Men To Fly In Stephenville, Texas During WW2 – 1940s

cool grandparentsjsdlp

8. My Grandfather The Day Before He Shipped Out With The Marines, 1941

cool grandparents


9. My Grandmother Right After She Ran Away From Communistic Bulgaria To Germany (1978)

cool grandparentswfyff

10. Photo Of My Grandfather Exiting His Plane After Getting Shot Down

cool grandparentsgettingthere52