Cool And Unique Hotels Around The World

Here are some of the coolest and most unique hotels that you will be impressed

Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, China / MAD Architects

The Moon Hotel takes full advantage of its waterfront by directly integrating architecture and nature. The circular building corresponds with its reflection in the water, creating a surreal picture and connection between real and phantom. Beneath the sunlight and the reflection of the lake, the curved shape of the building is crystal clear. When night falls, the entire building is lit up brightly by both its interior and exterior lighting. Soft light wraps around the hotel and the water, resembling the bright moon rising above the lake, blending classic and modern through the reflection.

Hotel Domes White Coast, Milos, Greece

The hidden gem of the Aegean Sea. Known for its rugged coastline and unique lunar-like landscapes, Milos is an island that offers a captivating and authentic Greek island experience.


Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve, South Africa

Famous for their integrated design and breathtaking views, Kagga Kamma’s Cave Suites blend seamlessly into the environment and complement the Cederberg area. The façade of each Cave Suite is manmade but melds perfectly with the incredible surroundings; providing guests with the opportunity to experience the interesting biome and unique rock formations up close.

Igloo Village, Kakslauttanen, Finland

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Eco House Merisi, Georgia

Unique Hotels

The Glass Floor Udang House, Bali, Indonesia

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Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel


Giraffe Manor, Kenya

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Hobbit Village, The Shire Of Montana, United States

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Hotel I Stayed At Was Formerly A Train Station And Had An Actual Train Inside It, With Rooms Inside Each Car

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Fairy Chimney Hotel, Turkey

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Montana Magica Lodge, Chile

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Cocoa Island Hotel, Kaafu Atoll, Maldives

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Äscher Cliff, Switzerland

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