Grand Tree: Lego Hotel of China

The Grand Tree Hotel in Sanya, China is one of the most interesting and bizarre-looking buildings in the country. Officially known as the Beauty Crown Hotel Complex, this 7-star hotel is famous for its Lego-like appearance. The hotel consists of 9 separate buildings that look like trees with a tree outline imprinted on the exteriors as well. Many people call the hotel complex one of the most daring endeavors in China while some do not see the appeal. No matter the sentiment, it is obvious that the hotel has managed to become a success. The Grand Tree is one of the most popular hotels in China with thousands of people coming to stay and enjoy themselves every season.

Grand Tree hotel

The complex has a size of 500 acres. Moreover, it broke a record with a room count of nearly 7000 rooms.

The floor grounds of hotel buildings are full of shops, theaters, cafes, and restaurants as well. Since 2012, the time the hotel opened its doors, it gained many awards and praise from local and international level competitions.

Grand Tree during the day

The Grand Tree is actually a part of the architectural race that is going on on the island of Hainan. Many call Hainan the Hawaii of China and Sanya is one of the island’s major cities. In the 21st century, the city set out to make itself unique and stand out among others. The tree hotels are just some of the bizarre architectural pieces in the city. There are more luxurious hotels on the island right now, with many more probably coming in the future as well.

Grand Tree side profile

The Grand Tree Hotel’s buildings are made of toy blocks and represent the branches and even fruits on trees as well. Moreover, the shape of the structure actually allows it to have more space and accommodate more people. There are little compartments in the buildings that stack on each other making way more empty places. Therefore, the tree hotel can house more guests than a standard building with the same height.

Grand Tree exterior
Grand Tree light show
the hotel exterior close up
the hotel and the shops
the hotel and the lego shape