Common Myths you Should Know about New York City

New York is not Considered as a Coastal City

When you describe a coastal state, perhaps you will think about women on their bikinis, hot sand and warn sun. Well, New York does not have such characteristics, so it is often considered as not a true coastal city. But the fact is, New York has actually a longer coastline compared to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami combined. It has a coastline that measures 520 miles that provides the city with great views.

nyc skyline

Manhattan was Sold for Only 24 Dollars in Beads

According to some common stories about the Manhattan’s purchase price, immigrants hit a great deal by sweeping up Manhattan into the heart of New York for only $24 worth of beads. However, according to a letter from a Dutch merchant in year 1626, Manhattan was actually bought for sixty guilders.

newyork coastal

When you convert the price to today’s dollar, it is clear that such myth has really been disputed. Nevertheless, it seems that the city of Manhattan was bought for about one-thousand dollars at the time, which is tantamount to fifteen thousand dollars with inflation. Well, it is still a great deal.

sunset newyork

There you have it! There have been a lot of misconceptions about New York City that many people today still believe. It is the right time to open your eyes and know the truths about this wonderful city.