Hilarious Architecture Fails

They actually don’t do these things on the purpose of entertaining you or making you laugh. They have genuine intention of helping you, but just end up failing. Take a look at these funny architecture fails that you’ll enjoy!

Architecture Fails

Enjoy your Seat

Alright, they are being so hospitable to offer a seat and you are welcome to choose any seat you want, but just never dare complain about the lack of legroom. Well, there isn’t actually a lack of legroom because there is no any legroom whatsoever. So, just enjoy your seat and think about what you will do with your legs.

Architecture Fails

The Menhole

So, why do you need a single manhole when you can actually have eight of them gathered together in a single street or area? Well, if each one of such manholes would take you down into various tunnel, then that would be amazing, isn’t it?

Architecture Fails

A Mini-staircase Installed at the Middle of a Gate

This is totally pointless; well unless you do not want people confined to wheelchairs enter your house or property.

Architecture Fails

Let Thy Kids Fall into the Pit

So kids, this is the time to enjoy a truly magical and amazing playground that will surely take you on a fantastic journey into the centre of the world, or fall into the place of nothingness. It is really hard to find any reason to build a slide with a pit at the end of it, unless you want your child to fall into it and break his or her arm. Well, if that is what you want, the congratulations for coming up with a brilliant idea.

Architecture Fails

Every Penny Counts

You have probably heard the old saying that people must work hard in order to earn money. It is actually a universal truth that can still be applied today. But if an ATM machine is installed at a height that only Hagrid can reach, do you think that you still need to work really hard if you just have to withdraw your own hard-earned money?

Architecture Fails

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