A Bizarre Method of Coffee Production: Elephant Dung. Have You Ever Tasted the Most Uncommon and Expensive Coffee?

Coffee production has come a long way through history. First, through palm civet poop coffee production was the most famous and known way to produce that kind of exotic coffee then some unethical business methods in that production process led to finding another way to produce coffee through Thai elephants which also chew and ferment coffee beans as digesting them.

Blake Dinkin, a pioneer of this production process, utilized those animals which are provided by a foundation that saves elephants to be exploited by humankind. This digestion process gives coffee its aroma making it the most exquisite coffee taste.

The coffee beans that these giant animals are taken from northern Thailand and blend with a fruit puree. And they are consumed by these special animals in its natural way. Blake Dinkin doesn’t want to violate animals’ rights. He doesn’t urge them to eat coffee beans.

After this digestion process, separation of coffee beans from the elephants’ dung starts immediately. However, the process is extremely unproductive because you can get one pound of Black Ivory Coffee out of 33 pounds of coffee beans in spite of all the efforts they put in.

When it comes to prepare and drink the Black Ivory Coffee, the best way is using a special coffee maker which has an original system to brew and makes it ready in five minutes. On the other hand, that pleasure can cost you up to 50$. You can purchase it on BlackIvoryCoffee.com or taste it in top class Asia and Middle East five-star hotels.