Like your coffee black? You may be a psychopath, study says


If you’re a coffee drinker, odds are it’s taken you a while to get the while to get the taste just the way you want it.  Some like cream, others milk and/or sugar.  There, there are the select few who like it black.  For most of us it’s too strong and bitter to enjoy, but some go crazy over that flavour.  And those people, says a brand new and terrifying study, may be psychopaths. According to this new ground-breaking research, when a survey was conducted with various size groups, those who liked black coffee were more inclined to have that dangerous blend of characteristics that make up many psychopaths out there today.  For some, this idea may be preposterous, but it’s linked it real science involving the enjoyment of fear and bitter activities that bring us some joy, whether we like to admit to it or not.  Some examples include watching boxing or other fighting matches, even hockey and football.  Others include activities like going on roller coasters or watching scary movies.  These could all be indicators – made even stronger when you have a taste for bitter food – that you could be a budding psychopath. Be warned!