People Saw Cats In Random Places And Captured Them

21. This Lil Squirt Of Lotion Looks Like A Tiny Cat


22. This Parking Spot Has A Salty Cat On It

cats random

23. This Popcorn That Looks Like A Cat

cats random

24. My Roommate Made A Cat Out Of Foam

cats random places9000Kittens

25. My Banana Has A Bruise That Is A Silhouette Of A Cat.

cats random

26. The Tigers On These Socks Look Like House Cats When Turned Inside Out

27. The Way The Glass From One Building Reflects Onto The Brick Into The Image Of A Cat.

28. The Thorax Of This Bug Looks Like A Cat With Sunglasses

29. The Markings On This Fish Look Like A Cat

30. The Shadow Of This Box Of Tissues Looks Like A Cat