People Share Pics Of Pareidolia In The Most Unexpected Places

People experienced pareidolia in the most unexpected places and they captured them for everyone to see. Take a look at these interesting pics!

1. I Found A Mushroom That Looks Like A Little Owl

funny pareidoliamiss421

2. I Have This Trunk Knot On A Tree In My Backyard That I Always Thought Looked Like A Regency Era Couple Kissing. Today, I Decided To Bring Them To Life

funny pareidoliachiquitamichi

3. Sometimes Mother Nature Can Be Creepy (Chesaning, Mi)

funny pareidoliaJennifer Yanik Hall

4. Is It A Man Running Or?

funny pareidoliaClarkpDavidson

5. Cat Is Surprised By The Atomic Explosion


6. Turtle With A Reflection That Resembles A Face Of A Man


7. The Way My Ice Pack Is Defrosting Looks Like A Polar Bear

funny pareidoliaEricDangerRose

8. This Rock That Looks Like A Severed Head


9. The Pattern On My Dogs Chest Looks Like A Cat Mid Sneeze

funny pareidoliaVintageRice

10. This Jalapeño Looks Like A T-Rex

funny pareidoliaAberrantDevices