People Saw Cats In Random Places And Captured Them

People are posting photos of all the random places and items that they saw cats. Here are all the cats unexpectedly showing up in people’s everyday lives.

1. Bubbles That Form A Little Cat Shape

cats random placesHowAboutNo69

2. My Wife’s Hot Chocolate Was Visited By A Mysterious Cat

cats random

3. This Bag Looks Like A Cat

cats random

4. Dog’s Shadow Looks Exactly Like A Cat

cats random

5. This Shadow Of The Window Frame Looks Like A Cat Is Perched Up There.

cats random

6. This Can Of Paint Looks Like A Cat

7. The Makeup Squirt On My Sponge Resembled A Cat This Morning.


8. Grumpy Cat In My Apple


9. This Cloud Looks Like A Cat, And A Dog.

10. The Pattern On My Dogs Chest Looks Like A Cat Mid Sneeze