Car Mechanics Share Unbelievable Pics Of What They Were Dealing With

21. Work Never Fails To Disappoint

22. Surprised It Didn’t Explode Into The Shop

crazy car

23. Customer States Temperature Gauge Is Reading Full Tank


24. A Girl Who Works At Sonic Just Paid Her 1k Repair Bill With Mostly 1’s And 5’s. Mad Resolve


25. Private Security Tahoe With 1” Bulletproof Glass. The Rest Of The Vehicle Is Just As Heavily Armored


26. The Only Worthwhile Lift Kit Instructions

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27. When I Saw This I Told Her It Wasn’t Going To Be Cheep

crazy car

28. Just Pulled This Out Of A Customers Car Between The Grill And Condenser

29. 7 Months Since The Last Post About This Car… He Finally Did It. Our Customer Bought This Civic New In 06 And It Has Only Been Serviced At Our Dealership. Original Motor And Transmission

30. Just In For An Inspection & Was Greeted With This…

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