Car Mechanics Share Unbelievable Pics Of What They Were Dealing With

11. Just Crawled Out From Under A Broken Lift

12. I Work At A Rental Company And The Police Brought This Back…


13. Customer Failed To Mention The Fact That His Dog Was In The Vehicle, Scared The Hell Outta Me

14. Accerlator Gets Stuck To Floor. Pull On String To Unstick

crazy car repairs3 months ago

15. Self Aware Prius Owner

3 years ago

16. C/S She Hears A Flapping Noise Coming From The Driver’s Side

crazy car repairs3 years ago

17. I Am Pretty Sure I’m Younger Than The Tire

18. 16 Years Of Writing Service And It Finally Happened. Gloves In A Glovebox

19. The First And Probably Last Time I Will Ever See One Of These. Jaguar Xj220 With Only 3k On The Odometer


20. Just Hopped Into The Shop