Car Mechanics Share Unbelievable Pics Of What They Were Dealing With (New Pics)

Car mechanics share pics of the craziest things they see on the job on the subreddit JustRolledIntoTheShop. Here are the inconceivable pics of what car mechanics were dealing with!

Part I

1. Not A Rolled In But More Of A Birth Into The Shop… Stray Left A Puddle Of Kittens Out In Our Side Yard A Year Ago. The Neighbour Took This One Home And The Boss Took Another

crazy car repairDesperate-Risk7373

2. Just Saved This Lil Guy. I Had To Remove The Front End Of The Vehicle To Do It, But He Is Now Free And Alive And Well


3. The Eyes After A 30 Mile Trip


4. Soooooo


5. Customer Said All 4 Of Them Were Uninjured But We Can’t Say The Same About The Car


6. Customer Said Her Husband Patched The Tire But It Keeps Leaking Air


7. I Swear These Customers Do This On Purpose

crazy car repairozkrow

8. Guess Somebody Has A Hard Time Remembering

crazy car repair


9. Well… Almost Pissed My Pants… Caught Off Guard


10. Found A Friend

crazy car repairunhallowed69