Car Mechanics Share Unbelievable Pics Of What They Were Dealing With

The subreddit group r/JustRolledIntoTheShop collects inconceivable photos of what car mechanics were dealing with. Here are the 30 of them that you can’t believe them!

1. Stayed A Little Longer At The Shop To Save This Little Guy From Someone’s Engine Bay

2. Customer: “Let Me Know When You Are About To Pull My Truck In So I Can Get My Raccoon” And He Sat In The Lobby With A Raccoon Until His Truck Was Done

3. I Dont Condone Stealing… But Man I Want To

4. This Made Me Laugh Way More Than It Should Have

5. Hood Opens. Hood Is Layed Down Immediately. Tech Exclaims “Oh Hell No.”


6. Actual Work Order At Our Shop From One Of Our Technicians

crazy car repairsMTFarmTech

7. Customer Has Been Coming Since 200k Miles, Said He’d Get To 1 Million. I’ve Been Waiting For That Day For Years, Today He Casually Rolled Up And Asked To Plug His Tire, Needless To Say Best Tire Plug Ever

crazy car

8. The Odds Of A Single 4 Leaf Clover Rooting Into A Fender Line

crazy car repairs

9. The Car Sounds Like A Cartoon

crazy car

10. Customer Refused All 4 Tires On A Rainy Day, She Also Had To Sign A Waiver Before Releasing The Car