Car Mechanics Share Unbelievable Pics Of What They Were Dealing With

Car mechanics share pics of the craziest things they see on the job on the subreddit JustRolledIntoTheShop. Here are the inconceivable pics of what car mechanics were dealing with!

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1. Customer Came In Saying There Was A Kitten In The Dashboard. One Of The Lube Techs Called Dibs. Meet Dash

car mechanicsbmxstar1468

2. Cam In For An Appraisal To Trade In And Get The Mirror Cap Replaced. Hand Painted A Pterodactyl


3. Customer Dropped Off For Oil Change. Neglected To Mention This

car mechanicsIgotaspotatlukins

4. C/S Vehicle Doesn’t Stay Running

5. Little Old Lady Dropped Off Her Caravan For A Brake Inspection. Yes That’s The Mileage She Would Have Seen On Her Receipt

car mechanicsfranklybutthurt

6. New Shop Pet Can We Keep Him?


7. Who’s The New Guy?

car mechanicsCarsonfire90

8. Aircraft. Pilot Landed With His Breaks On


9. Gotta Love Florida


10. “My Tyre Light Came On And I’m Not Sure Why”

car mechanicsunstealthypanda