This 170-Year-Old Swiss Guesthouse Built Into The Side Of A Mountain Is Best Accessed By A Cable Car

Years before, it was popular to dream about luxury places with many floors including swimming pools, huge and precious chandeliers, big gardens, serving rooms, comfortable hot tubs, etc. We would dream of wearing the best-known brands, taking photos and uploading to social media.

What changed?

Luxury is changed into natural.

*No to artificial pools, yes to natural seas.
*No more villa life, more to cabin life.
*Exaggeration out, ordinary in.

Now the meaning of value is changed, also people started to create living spaces with ordinary stuff and adding their creativeness. Now it is all about the experience, traveling and spending all the money on exploring. It is the era of discovery and adventure, living original and away from the classic.

berggasthaus aescher wildkirchli

This is Berggasthaus Aescher Wildkirchli, a Swiss guesthouse, and restaurant built into a mountain 170 years ago. The precarious roost makes it hard to get there, only hiking or using cable cars are used for transportation. In a living room, there is a piano which was brought by a helicopter then.

The place is run by Claudia and Beny Knechtle-Wyss and their 5 children with 35 sheep, 20 rabbits, 5 chickens, 3 pigs, a donkey, and a dog. No surprise it is real natural life!

berggasthaus aescher wildkirchli

The guesthouse is no longer accepting guests, that is why the only restaurant is available. On weekends, Swiss hikers visit, and live music plays till late hours. Just because there are no showers, rainwater is used when the restaurant is open (May to November).  The guesthouse is so near to Wildkirchli caves which became the site of the heritage.

berggasthaus aescher wildkirchli