A Little Girl Was Encouraged By A 12-Year-Old Babysitter and Got This Wonderful Letter 11 Years Later

By encouraging people, you are giving them a sense of belonging which goes a long way in helping their career, a typical example is that of a babysitter’s heartwarming story.

Long ago Raquel used to device various means to encourage a little girl in her artistic work by announcing in an Olympic style voice, motivating her to keep drawing and discussing how brilliant her artistic works are. The then little girl grew up and got admitted into three major institution of art and was very happy with her babysitter for devising various means to encourage her. So she wrote her a letter to thank her for making her dream come to reality. Do check the message she passed across and endeavor to encourage others because it helps a lot in shaping the society!

The story has touched hundreds of people, spreading positivity around the Internet