She Was Spreading Her Dog’s Ashes When A Friend Took This Picture And Saw Something Amazing

Dogs are known for giving unconditional love to their owners and being utterly adorable and loveable in general. Even people that haven’t owned a dog themselves will know just how amazing they can be, so it’s easy to understand the grief that a dog owner goes through when their furry friend passes away.

Ashley Lang’s best bud for 12 years was her Golden Retriever Wagner, so after the sad event of his passing, she wanted to send him off in the best place imaginable – the dog park where they spent countless hours playing.

As she began spreading the ashes, her friend took a quick photo to remember the moment, yet seeing what was captured certainly took her to buy surprise.


Everyone is calling it an “angel dog.” It’s easy to see why.


The image has been cited by many as the ‘Angel Dog’, which is a pretty apt description once you see the photo.