Amazon Buys Old Hotel in Seattle and Turns it Into a Homeless Shelter



If you’re in need of a heartwarming story, this one should definitely do the trick for today.  This particular story is about an old hotel in Seattle, that was scheduled to be destroyed next Spring.  So, some particularly optimistic people decided to take over temporary custody of this building and make it into a refuge for homeless families.  Those that stay in this renovated hotel have to work for three hours a week in exchange for being able to stay there.  As well, everybody stays here is required to find alternate lodging for when the time comes that this building will be destroyed.

While this is not a permanent solution for many homeless people, it does offer them a reprieve from the busy and dangerous world that wait for them on the streets everyday.  It’s really refreshing to see you you that sometimes you don’t have to have all the answers in order to make something work.  All you have to have is a good idea and the desire to make it work, and you’ll be able to make a good idea every situation that awaits you.  In a world that is often focused on “you”, this is really exciting to see.  It’s our hope that many people will follow suit after reading the story, and soon there’ll be also to full buildings and use the short time in which there safe.  After all, use what you can, right?