40 People Who Live Terrible Moments During Quarantine

Quarantine has made us introduced to many new things. Our life has changed in many ways and most of us have lived weird situations as well. But there were also funny moments too. Here are 40 people who live such terrible moments that some of them will make you laughed.

1. Spider Cat

terrible momentsalyson.swanke

2. This Was On My Friend’s Local News. I Laughed So Hard


3. I Am Mortified!


My husband had a conference call today. It was minimized so I thought it was just a speakerphone call. It wasn’t.

He didn’t have any idea because he was focused on his work.

I was wandering around in a sleepy stupor to and from the bathroom. They saw.

One of them said, “Hey, I just saw your wife’s boobs!”

Once I realized what was happening, I grabbed a baby blanket and tried to crawl away, which they apparently could see as well, and I could hear them all laughing. My husband couldn’t even breathe he was laughing so hard.

I was pretty embarrassed. More embarrassed when I found out the hospital chaplain was on the call. I can only hope I made someone’s day.

4. Thanks For Ruining My Breakfast


5. Guess Whose Patient Has Been Diagnosed Positive And Now The Night Shift Doesn’t Want To Come, So I Have 12 More Hours Ahead

terrible momentsvenda321

6. Classic Quarantine Haircut


7. When You Think You’re Being Discreet Buying Adult Toys Online


8. Both Cars Crashed Into Each Other Today In New Belgrade

terrible moments


9. I Tried To Bake My Daughter A Birthday Cake But I Made A Butthole Instead


10. The Printer Exploded