109-Year-Old Abandoned Ship is a Floating Forest

If you’re looking to explore something that is nothing if not unique, you’re in the right spot.  This is a majestic 109-year-old ship that was originally constructed to move troops back and forth in 1911.  It’s obviously seen better days in terms of its structural integrity, but it’s pretty cool to look at this and see just how great it looks with nature taking over it.

'Ayrfield' & 'Mortlake Bank' wrecks in Homebush Bay

Named the SS Ayrfield, this ship is now a tourist attraction that adds some life and vitality to an area that is known for all of the ship carcasses floating around. It gets lots of attention from locals and tourists alike and is pretty incredible to see that something can be repurposed like that, and all from nature’s hand, not man’s. It makes us think that maybe we can find a way to reuse everything that man as made so that finally nature and man can live hand in hand, protecting each other and enjoying life in the way that is was meant to be lived. It may be a reach, yet, but time will determine whether or not the SS Ayrfield is any indication of our future or not.  For the time being, it’s pretty neat to look at.

SS Ayrfield shipwreck site - Homebush Bay, Sydney

Drifting in Time

Ayrfield Shine

SS Ayrfield

SS Ayrfield