10 Terrifying YouTube Videos That Will Keep You Awake At Night

4 . Mass Of Daddy Long Legs In A Tree

Whether you are normally scared of spiders or not, this is a film that will have you jumping on top of a table and crying like a baby.  A camera man, filming in an exotic location that is all fascination for us and him, scrapes against a moving tree, only to find out that it is not entirely a tree, but a large herd of terrifying spiders that attack the camera man as he tries to get away.  Just the sight of their gangly legs is enough to make us scream, so imagine if we were in the camera man’s shoes…

3 . Bedfellows

The fear of waking up to some sort of axe murderer is something we’re all used to feeling, and this realistic video makes it very realistic and normal, so that we can easily see ourselves in her situation.  The worst part is that we know what’s going to happen.  We can see the creature in bed beside her, but she is oblivious to the whole process, rolling over and squirming around.  You’re going to need your teddy bear for this one, folks.

2.  Don’t Move

A terrifying mixture of blood, guts, and fear, this is the most terrifying video in the world for some of us that hate that kind of thing.  This is a short film that calls on the otherworld to make an appearance, as do many modern horror movies these days.  Creating a massive smoke monster that wants to come out and play a game with the group a foreigners, this is a sight to see for those who hate ghosts and spiritual beings.  There is blood everywhere by the end, so this is not a movie to watch lightly or without the lights on.  Careful what you bring to game night, otherwise you may find yourselves in the sequel of this movie.

1.  The Swedish Rhapsody

A terrifying chaos of minor themed ice cream truck music and children’s voices reciting numbers and letters like robots, this unique video is, without a doubt, one of the scariest ones, mostly definitely because of the fact that this kind of stuff happens in real life.  Codes and spies exist, and the reasons they infiltrate a country are far from happy or exciting.  This film definitely depicts that emotion, using children’s voices to do it.

Source: listverse.com