10 Terrifying YouTube Videos That Will Keep You Awake At Night

7 . The Wyoming Incident

This is surely a scene in everyone’s worst nightmare, where the scary beast is hiding in the TV and watching you from inside.  This video depicts many of our nightmares in that it has a montage of gritty, fast moving images that show little bits of grayscale faces with terrifying expressions and horrifying angles.  It is one of those videos that if you were home alone and this came on your TV, you’d hide under your bed and wait to be killed by the men in the TV until someone came and saved you.

6. Baby Laugh A Lot Original Commercial

Let’s face facts.  Dolls are just plain creepy no matter how you look at them.  The terrifying on in this classic commercial is no exception, with a permanent smile and beady eyes that stare creepily at you as it does a high pitched, mechanical cackling that makes you want to smash it to pieces with a knife.  For a product that is supposed to be a kid’s toy, it certainly doesn’t have much to offer the young one with a creepy laugh and lack of squishy parts to hug.  This is certainly not a toy I would want in my bed at night.

5. Username:666

Making real all of our fear of the internet and the true power it holds, this video has plenty to scare you with.  Depicting a username that is trying to watch the video of a username called “666”, the page refused to load, and the stubborn user keeps hitting refresh over and over until a distorted version of Youtube comes up, showing terrifying videos that haunt the soul of every watcher.  When the horrified user tries to get rid of the videos, scared, the video keeps playing the loud and disturbing videos of gibberish, forcing the viewer into what we can understand as pure terror.