Real American Freak Shows

The Freak Show

Monstrosity shows were verifiably side-parts to bazaars or other voyaging showcases of “marvel” and diversion. They initially sprung up in the seventeenth century in the regal courts of Europe. What’s more, for the following 300 years they were a well known manifestation of stimulation all far and wide.

Offering a perpetually evolving line-up of unusual articles, human transformations and un-normal abilities, the Freak Shows gave sharp homes and administering to its thrown of characters—and turned into a safe house (and income sans work) for those with genuine physical inconsistencies and those ready to fake them.

Real American Freak ShowsSide Show World/John Robinson

General Mite

At the top of his profession, General Mite (nee Francis Flynn) was 27 inches tall and measured just 12 pounds. He surfed the oddity show scenes of his local North America before going to England with P.T. Barnum and after that Australia. He just lived to 25 years old, having burned through 21 of them tucked away in monstrosity shows.Those influenced by the differing degrees of dwarfism over the previous hundreds of years frequently discovered haven inside the limits the carnival.

Real American Freak ShowsSideShowWorld/John Robinson

 The Bearded Lady 

Woman Myers was the Bearded Lady at the Dreamland Circus Side Show in Coney Island, New York. 50% of the whiskery ladies in Freak Shows were really men, however the other half were to be sure ladies experiencing a hormonal unevenness or the rarer hereditary issue hypertrichosis.

Real American Freak ShowsSideShowWorld/John Robinson

 The Monkey Girl 

Puerto Rican Priscilla Bejano was given over the to carnival by her concerned folks when it was clear she was experiencing hypertrichosis, which brought about full body hair and an additional column of teeth. Percilla was a mainstream demonstration all through the World War II time and later wedded a kindred monstrosity show craftsman. Both of them in the end resigned to calm antisocial lives. She lived until 2001. (FYI: These are two pictures of her in the same picture, not two distinctive Monkey Girls).

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The Large Legged Lady

This obscure woman likely experienced lymphedema of the legs, potentially from Milroy’s infection.

Real American Freak ShowsSideShowWorld/John Robinson