10 Crazy Facts You Probably Don’t Know But Should

The Ocean of Gold

It was noted that oceans to have more than 200 time of Gold compared to the mined area. But it would be really challenging to think of a way on how you will be able to get those.


Shakespeare in Spelling

True enough that Shakespeare was noted to b one of the famous and respectable writer. But unfortunately, he himself is having terrible time writing down his very own name. It was noted that he spelled it wrongly in 4 different ways.


Bread to Erase pencil Marks

Before people ever invented rubber as eraser, they use bread to do the job. Even today, some artist uses white bread to lighten pastel or charcoal marks.


Sleep Versus TV, which of which makes the mind more active

People usually think that watching TV makes their mind works, since there is information being captured. But do you know that your mind is a lot playful, attentive or active while asleep. This is the time where the data you have seen from the TV or things you have than are being processed.


Birth Control among Gorillas

Do you know that your birth control pills can actually be used by gorilla for the same reason? Yes, this is true. Maybe because they have some abilities that are the same with humans.