10 Crazy Facts You Probably Don’t Know But Should

There are things and happenings in this world that you do not expect to know. People commonly get shocked that this every existed. Below are some of the crazy but funny facts that will definitely get your attention and will lead you to conducting of deep research analysis.

Raining Frogs

Raining Frogs Stories are for Real: June of 2007 in Villa Angel Flores, Culiacan Mexico; there was a small tornado that whirled up cluster of frogs from some lakes and drop it all at the pacific coastal state of Sineloa. Motorist reported that there were frogs that are coming from the sky at 11 in the evening. This no longer common since same incident was noted in year 2005 in Serbia.


US Illegal Mailing

There are things you needed to consider once you wanted to mail since not all things can be send through it. In year 1916, there was a person who was noted to mail almost 40,000 tons of brick building materials across Utah for them to evade high cost of freight rates. This was handled by legal professional to stop other people from doing so.


Sense of Small While Asleep

Believe it or not but humans sense of smell began to shut down when they as asleep. This is one of the reasons why there are noted people that died during fire especially when the people inside it are asleep.


Bhutan Capital with No Traffic Lights

Thimpu is the capital of Bhutan with a population that reaches 742, 737 in the year 2012. This area is the only capital noted in the world due to no traffic light installed in the area. There are time were in traffic lights were recommended but people choose to reject and rely on people that traffic using their white gloves.


Eskimos also needed Fridge

Commonly, people think that those individual living in Eskimos are having a hard time due to their cold climates. But do you know that even if the weather is cold, they still require the use of refrigerator? Yes, this is to help or prevent their food from freezing.