The Youthful Looks of This Taiwanese Family is Nothing Short of Incredible

Taiwanese interior designer Lure Hsu rose to fame after millions of people discovered her incredible youthful appearance. Despite being the ripe age of 41 years old, Hsu looks easily half that age – without any exaggeration.

With close to half a million followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say she has become something of a viral sensation, and now it turns out her entire family sport the same youthful appearance.

Both her sisters look comfortable in their 20s, with Sharon and Fayfay actually being 36 and 40 respectively. But perhaps the most incredible example of the youthful Hsu family is the women’s mother.

At 63-years-old, you would expect the retired dancer to show clear signs of aging, but instead she looks ages with her daughters and could easily pass for someone in their early 30s. The women have no particular secrets to their fresh-faced appearance, citing a good diet with plenty of vegetables and water being one of their main reasons.

Also, they all cite regular moisturising of the skin as an important way to keep the skin looking and feeling young. Time to get moisturising!

These Taiwanese women look so young, you’d never believe their real ages

Meet the 63-year-old mom (middle) and her daughters Lure Hsu, 41 (right) and Sharon, 36 (left)

Here they are also with their 40-year-old sister Fayfay

41-year-old Lure revealed that the key to youthful looks is to drink water and eat vegetables

Similarly to Lure, sister Fayfay also recommended drinking lots of water, including a big glass of lukewarm water every morning

Lure Hsu, 41

Fayfay Hsu, 40

Sharon Hsu, 36

And there you have it! According to these women, the secret to youthful looks is simpler than you could ever imagine – water!

Instagram (h/t)