These People Having Probably The Worst Day (New Pics)

These poor people are having a really bad day. Here is a compiled list full of funny accidents and worst fails!

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1. I Am An Asian That Finally Used The Iris Recognition Technology On His Phone

bad daysaFriendlyAlien

2. Door Was Jammed Form Inside So Phoned A Guy To Repair It. He Managed To Open It, Left His Tools Outside, Came Inside And Shut The Door. Now We’re Both Stuck


3. I Spilled 50,000 2mm Glass Beads On The Ground And I Now Have To Sort Them By Hand


4. When The Tiger Shark You’re Photographing Swims Off With Your Camera Rig

Jim Abernethy

5. Just Lost Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Product At Work. Most Likely Getting Fired


6. Are We There Yet?


7. Yesterday


8. My Boss Didn’t Realize That There Was An Envelope Of Cash On Her Desk Before Using The Shredder


9. My Mom Accidentally Printed Her Divorce Papers On Stickers

bad dayslmhimes75

10. Oh No

bad dayscameronmattis