These People Having Probably The Worst Day (New Pics)

21. Prepared Cinnamon Toast Crunch In The Dark. It Was Cheez-Its

bad dayssongbird808

22. So Much For Changing The Battery

bad daysAstrofluke

23. This Vet Trip Is Off To A Bad Start

bad daysMiddleFroggy

24. When You Come Home And Your House Doesn’t Smell Like Pot Roast

bad daysHomerTigerBoo

25. Just Set Up New Monitor, Chair Slipped Under Me And I Hit The Desk, And Monitor Fell And Broke. Happy Friday


26. Long Story Short, I Saw A Cockroach


27. No Explanation Needed


28. Dropped My Full Can Of Tuna In The Drain


29. Someone In Australia Was Tying Their Shoe When A Fire Bombing Plane Had To Drop Their Load Due To Turbulence

bad daysnerdroberts

30. We Spent Two Hours Walking To A Famous Cave Expecting It To Go Underground And Everything. This Is The Cave