Is Your Native Language a Common Language Around the World?

Languages have always been an interesting topic. It is surprising that there are more than 7,102 languages in the world. While some have millions of speakers, others are fighting to survive. So, people are always interested in what are the common languages and what are less known to people.

One of those people is Alberto Lucas Lopez. As a senior graphic designer in National Geographic, Alberto created a map of common languages around the world. And with this unique map, you can easily see if your native language is a common language spoken around the world.

most common languages infographic

What Is The Most Common Language?

As most of you know, Chinese is the most common language with more than 1 billion speakers. Chinese speakers consist of Mandarin, Cantonese, Min Dongs, and other sub-branches of Chinese. Following Chinese, we can see Spanish is the second common language with approximately 400 million speakers.

English and Arabic are also very common among people around the world. Surprisingly, the Portuguese have more than 200 million speakers. The Infographic of Alberto Lucas Lopez clearly illustrates 23 languages and how many people speak those. It is interesting to see which languages are widespread. And it is interesting to see that languages such as Russian, and Turkish has also a significant number of speakers.

Languages Spoken in Different Countries

English is one of the widespread languages. This language is spoken in 110 countries. After English, Arabic follows with 60 countries. French and Spanish are also widespread with 51 and 31 countries respectively. While Arabic is spread due to geographical conditions, it is a different case for English, French, and Spanish. Due to imperial reign in the past, these three languages were spread around the world. If you want to know if your native language is among these common languages, you can check this amazing infographic.

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