30 Photos of People Ignoring Work Safety As If They’re Immortal

11. What Is The Name Of This Stacking Game?

work safetyKotAufmBrot

12. Ken And Barbie Are Gonna Look A Lot Less Nice When They Land On Their Faces


13. The Dog Leash Is Safe. Promise

work safetyLordSandrake

14. Should We Tell Them?


15. Mobile Ground For Your Ground Wire

work safetyCrazed_Archivist

16. Better Call Todd


17. Boss Said It Was “Balanced”

work safetyFieryNipSlip

18. My Dad A Few Years Back


19. The Asphalt Being Rolled At The Telladaga Speedway. 1969

work safetyBrowndog888

20. Stand On Your Tip Toes!