This Online Group Celebrates Woodworking Skills With Creative Examples

11. I Carved And Gifted The “Terminator Pipe” To Arnold Birthday And He Sent Me A Photo


12. Chessboard With A Twist I Made For My Sister And Her Family


13. I Keep Seeing All Your Quarantine Projects, So I Thought I Might Share Mine Here Too

wood diyartnovation

14. Heard There Was A Plywood Challenge So Here Is My Plywood Rocker For Consideration.


15. Scrollsawn Project With All Natural Woods (No Stains Or Dyes). Prince John And Hiss From Robin Hood. Oodalally!

wood diywoodland_porpoise

16. Definitely The Biggest Project I’ve Ever Done. Solid Oak Through And Through, All Locally Sourced In The Scottish Highlands

wood diyare_you_the_farmer

17. I Made A Squirrel Bar


18. First Try At This Japanese Wizardry


19. So I Finished This Chair A Few Days Ago


20. A Bunk Bed I Built For My Daughter’s 5th Birthday