People Share Their Own Woodworking Projects, They’re Amazing

The subreddit Woodworking is all about appreciating woodworking projects with the most creative, and breathtaking examples of wood DIY.

Here is our previous woodworking projects post.

1. First Violin Is Finished!

woodworking projectsRuvidman

2. Imagine The Look On My Face When My Boss Said “You’ll Be Lead Carpenter On This Stair Job” When I Had Never Made A Single Tread Before. Lots Of Work By Lots Of People, I Can’t Take All The Credit, But Damn If I Didn’t Pour My Blood And Sweat Into This Staircase


3. What Is This And Where Do I Find The Plans?


4. Vlad The Builder: Project #(We Lost Count)

woodworking projectsWendellBerrymore

5. Still Weaving As The Seasons Change.. So Close To Wrapping This On Up!


6. I Restored The Circa 1910 Door In My Room To Its Original Glory! It Was Covered In 4 Layers Of Latex Paint And Very Crusty Varnish! This Is My First Woodworking Project (I’m 14) And I’m Going To Try To Restore Our Other Original Doors!


7. Carved An Owl, A Bit Different

woodworking projectsBerkshireMtnSculptor

8. Old Piano To Bookcase Using Lid As Back


9. Bunk Beds I Built For Grandchildren

10. Recently Finished Up This Sculpture, Will Be Raffling It Off Soon To Raise Money For St. Louis Children’s Heart Center!

woodworking projectsLBOWER43