People Create Fascinating Things Made Of Wood

Here are some fascinating things made of wood

The tallest tree in Wales had been damaged by a storm and was supposed to be cut down, but chainsaw artist Simon O’Rourke – Tree Carving found a better solution to symbolize the tree’s last attempt to reach the sky.

things made of wood

An Old Man Made From Driftwood By Ian Freemantle Wood Sculptor

things made of wood

A Huntress Sculpture In The Forest Woven From Willow Branches by Anna & the Willow

things made of wood

Lion Sculpture Assembled From Wood Found In Nature By @jeffro_art [IG]

things made of wood

Amazing Wood Sculptures by Scott Dow

things made of wood

The process of carving a detailed bear cub sculpture by MK Carving

Wood and Epoxy Stairs by Forza Fratelli

Tall Maelstrom Chest of Drawers Made From Ebonized Ash by Caleb Woodard.

A Scorpion Armchair Carved From Wood By V. Pakhomov

This Handmade Coffee Table With Mountain Relief Art by Ben&Manu