40 Interesting Winter Photos That Show What True Cold Looks Like

31. Anthropomorphic Icicle Hanging From My Eave This Morning


32. In Winter, People At My University Take Children’s Clothing Items, Dip Them In Water And Hold Them In Place Until They Freeze Like This All Over Campus

winter photosdashingtoast

33. When The Road Wants To Kill You


34. The Pattern The Ice Left On My Grill

winter photosRSL1234567

35. Mighty Crown Of Ice Formed In My Bucket Of Rainwater


36. This Spiky Ice That Formed On A Fence By My House


37. Freezing Fog (Hoar Frost) On Top Of A Wind Turbine

winter photosDocta-Toboggan

38. So Cold The Grill Froze To The Ground


39. It Warmed To 26 F And The Pajamas Are Melting Matrix-Style

winter photosTheTonz

40. Freezing Fog Frost On These Pine Needles This Morning