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These Photos Of A Frozen Niagara Falls Are Pure Icy Magic

It’s So Cold In North America That Niagara Falls Is Frozen, And It Looks Like Something From Narnia

Niagara Falls has been a super vacation spot and honeymoon resort since the 1930s. The super cold winter that the northeastern region of the US is facing this year, Niagara Falls Is Frozen! While the state of New York planed for tourism that would bring millions in revenue, these photo shots are absolutely stunning while showing the incredible raw beauty of nature!

These photos capture amazing frozen shapes that hang from rocks making the entire area a fantasy that could only take place in Narnia!

Scroll down and look at nature’s beautiful artwork while falling water began freezing! You might want to wear a coat and gloves because these images will make you cold, cold, cold!


frozen niagara fallsIgor Ilyutkin


frozen niagara fallspunkodelish


frozen niagara fallsrolandbast


frozen niagara fallsabitesta


frozen niagara fallsarjsun


frozen niagara fallsarayeremian


frozen niagara fallsadamrdanni


frozen niagara fallsharish7470


frozen niagara fallsjrbello711


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