30 Incredibly Wholesome Things That Happened In 2020

21. Rachel Has Been A Nanny For Curtis For Over A Year. When He Realized Her Senior Prom Was Cancelled, He Wanted To Throw One For Her

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22. My Dog Gets Really Anxious In The Car, So My Grandma Asked To Sit In The Back With Him. The Whole Car Ride All I Heard Was “It’s Okay, We’re Almost There Brave Boy”


23. Be The Change You Want To See In The World

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24. So Incredibly Wholesome


25. In Japan, These Grandparents Didn’t Want Kids To Feel Lonely While Waiting For The Bus. So They Made A Life-Size Version Of Totoro, A Famous Cartoon Character, At The Bus Stop


26. Made Me Smile


27. My Mom Is A Nurse Practitioner And She Has Been On The Front Lines Of A Covid Unit Since March. She Just Got This Shirt. I Haven’t Seen Her Light Up Like That In Months


28. He’s A Keeper

wholesome uplifting stories


29. Homeless Man Leaves A Donation For Oregon Historical Society After They Got Vandalized During Riots


30. A Simple Good Morning