30 Times People Share Their Experiences With Wholesome Strangers

21. These Teens At The Skateboard Park Treating My 5-Year-Old Like He’s One Of Them

wholesome strangerspassingglans

22. Cashier Bro Looking Out For A Regular


23. Just Two Friends On A Commute

wholesome strangersAsiaChloeBrown

24. This Kid

Darrien Middleton

25. This Is My Uber Driver Beni, He Took Me To The Hospital And Keeping Me Company Since Most Of My Family Lives Out Of The State


26. Watching The Game As Bros

wholesome strangersjeffry.daniels

27. That Smile On Her Face Is Priceless


This lady in the washroom looking at me said, “I remember when my girlfriends and I would get dressed up and go out. I miss that.” So I said why miss it, we’re all out right now, aren’t we? Story short we have a new friend.

28. A Stranger Drove Two Hours And Used His Drone To Recover Meadow, Who Was Lost In The Woods For 10 Days

wholesome strangersbutterscotcheggs

29. A Year Ago My Little Sister Left This World. This Weekend Her Heart Recipient Met My Mom And Shared Her Heartbeat


30. Saw An Elderly Man Make A Move And Patiently Wait For Another Player. An Unlikely Partner Appeared And Warmed My Heart

wholesome strangersktainsworth