20 Times People Had No Idea What They Were Looking At, But The Internet Knew What It Was Right Away

11. This Belonged To My Great Grandfather. What Is This Thing?

Answer: If it’s legit, that’s a really old Gibson, from between 1903 and 1933. It’s going to be worth more than you think, so be really careful with it. Seriously.

12. I Found This Jammed In My Front Door Lock, It’s About 1.5” Long. What Is This Thing?

Answer: It’s a tension wrench from a lock pick set.

13. Found This In House I’m Tearing Apart In A Book Like Someone Wanted To Keep Them Don’t Think It’s Real Money

Answer: Its money from the Philippines when it was occupied by Japan in 1941.

14. I Saw This “Cloud” On My Way To Work Yesterday Morning, May 22nd, At 5 Am Est. Other Than This, The Sky Was Completely Clear. What Is This Thing?

Answer: Rocket launch. I live near a launch complex. See this a lot.

15. What Is The Point Of Such A Device?

Answer: USB charging condom. This way you can plug your phone into a random USB port and be sure that no data is exchanged. Only the power pins are passed through to the phone. Also called a sync stop.

16. These Were Free-Roaming At A Zoo So Didn’t Have A Sign/Info On Them. Thought They Were Hares But Walked-on All Fours And Hand Quite Long Front A Back Legs. What Is This?

Answer: Patagonian Cavy.

17. What Are These Things And What Are They Doing?

Answer: They’re European red slugs. And they’re doing it.

18. Bathroom Coat Hangers That Can Move Up Or Down. Why Would You Want Them Downward?

Answer: We call them anti-ligature. If the rest of the items in the room aren’t also anti-ligature (doorknobs, door hinges, tp dispenser, etc) then it doesn’t make much sense to have it there. If everything else IS, then you’re in a room designed for individuals that are a suicide risk.

19. Researching Plantation Houses In The 1700s. What Is The Thing Hanging From The Ceiling In This Dining Room?

Answer: Very early ceiling fan. The rope at the top would be pulled to create the back and forth motion to fan the air and keep flies away from the table during a meal.

20. Saw This Natural Phenomenon Near My Home. What Is This Thing?

Answer: Lenticular cloud.

“What Is This Thing?”