30 Weird And Creepy Images From The ‘WTF’ Online Group

21. My 6 Yr Old: “How Will He Go Poop If His Tail Is Inside His Butthole?!”

weird creepy photosSmokeybearvii

22. Oh, Let Me Just Park My Squid

weird creepy photosAnonymous

23. 27 Contact Lenses Were Found By Doctors In Woman’s Eye


24. What, Exactly, Was The Sequence Of Events That LED To This?

weird creepy photos6ThreeSided9

25. So This Lizard Moved Into My Microwave Clock. I Guess It’s His Now?


26. Camping In Florida Looks Fun


27. Got A Complaint At Work About “Very Loud Crickets” In The Bathroom


28. Sometimes People Stop In The Middle Of A Conversation To Stare At My Eye. Wonder Why


29. Oregon Fires Next To A Golf Course


30. I Really Have No Idea What Happened

weird creepy photosguvertoon