30 Weird And Funny Stock Photos, You Will Say Completely WTF

These strange and funny photos are collected from sites like iStock or Shutterstock. And they will definitely make you say WTF.

1. Grandma Teaches Blond Children Important Life Lessons

funny stock photosmrbenmarko

2. Guy Reaches Through Computer Screen And Types Backwards While A Surprised Cat Looks Off Into The Distance

funny stock photosSiomarTehBeefalo

3. “A Centaur Has Met The Wrong Half. He Was Very Puzzled.”


4. Cat With A Bouquet At The Feet Of Mistress

funny stock photoskiwidesign

5. Woman Throwing Spaghetti In A Forest


6. Excuse Me Miss, But That’s My D You’re Sitting On


7. This Proposal


8. “Hey Lady, Your Computer Isn’t Even Switched On”


9. Umm, Yeah, I Think We Found The Murderer


10. This Boy Installing The Newest Piece Of Software