20 Of The Oldest Color Photos Showing What The World Looked Like 100 Years Ago

Old photos are generally meant to be black and white. However, we have some photos from the 20th century where color photography has proven to be in existence for longer than we thought it would be.

Prior to 1907, there were different dyes and pigments that were to be used if an individual wanted color photos. However, Auguste and Loius Lumiere, two brothers from France, changed the world with the technique they introduced, known as Autochrome Lumiere. It made use of dyed potato grains and starch to come up with light-sensitive emulsion and it resulted in vibrant photos being produced without having to spend much time and effort to color it. The sad part was that they were not able to prove themselves scalable. Nevertheless, they were famous in the amateur photographers’ industry.

It was only when Kodak came into picture that it was revolutionized at a different level and Kodachrome became popular. Scroll down to take a look at some of the best photos available from back in the days!

1. Christina In Red, 1913

vintage color photos old autochromeMervyn O’Gorman

2. Flower Street Vendor, Paris, 1914

vintage color photos old autochromeAlbert Kahn

3. Heinz And Eva On The Hillside, 1925

vintage color photos old autochromeFriedrich Paneth

4. Moulin Rouge, Paris, 1914

vintage color photos old autochromeAlbert Kahn

5. Japan (Young Samurai), 1912

vintage color photos old autochromeAlbert Kahn

6. Musing (Mrs. A. Van Besten), C. 1910

vintage color photos old autochromeAlfonse Van Besten

7. The Eiffel Tower, Paris, 1914

vintage color photos old autochromeAlbert Kahn

8. A Girl Holds A Doll Next To Soldiers’ Equipment In Reims, France, 1917

vintage color photos old autochromeFernand Cuville

9. The Grenata Street Army, 1915

vintage color photos old autochromeLéon Gimpel

10. Among The First Coloured Pictures Ever Taken By Louis Lumière, 1907

vintage color photos old autochromeMo