Color Photos That Give You An Insight To 100 Years Ago

Have you ever wondered about how the world looked like 100 years ago; especially when you looked at some of the vintage pictures? In this article, you can explore the different photographs dating back to the 20th century, and what is more shocking is that: they are all color photos.

Before 1907, people who wanted color photos had to color them using different dyes for the colors. However, Louis Lumiere and Auguste Lumiere, two brothers from France, came up with an innovation known as Autochrome Lumiere, which made use of dyed grains of potato starch and light-sensitive emulsion for making some of the most vibrant photographs without using any other forms of colorization. Although it was expensive and difficult to manufacture, amateur photographers had an instant liking for it, and some of the first color photography books made use of this extensively.

This procedure was in place until Kodak came up with Kodachrome film back in 1935 and eventually, even that paved way for digital photography. Scroll down and have a look at some of the amazing photos.

1. Christina In Red, 1913

2. Flower Street Vendor, Paris, 1914

3. Heinz And Eva On The Hillside, 1925

4. Moulin Rouge, Paris, 1914

5. Sisters Sitting In A Garden Tying Roses Together, 1911

6. Daydreams, 1909

7. Musing (Mrs. A. Van Besten), C. 1910

8. A Girl Holds A Doll Next To Soldiers’ Equipment In Reims, France, 1917

9. The Eiffel Tower, Paris, 1914

10. The Grenata Street Army, 1915