The Fairytale Village Of Giethoorn Without Roads

It has always been a fantasy of people to be a part of fairytales. You would not believe that there is a village named Giethoorn, or the “Venice of Netherlands”, which was founded in 1230 and is one of a kind. It has no transportation in any way and all that it comprises is of canals and 176 bridges. Whenever tourists want to enter this village, they leave their cars outside it and there are boats to roam in there that do not have any engines. It is one of the most peaceful and serene places seen on this planet and is rarely frequented with tourists. All the noises you hear will seem like a dream.

There are no roads in this village

Giethoorn Netherlands Without Roadsinsureandgo

And roaming around this village is even simpler with these boats

They are called “whisper boats” as these boats do not have engines


This makes the village absolutely silent and peaceful

Giethoorn by Dino Cutic on

Dino Cutic

The sounds you hear in here are the sounds of nature and no artificial sounds

Giethoorn Netherlands Without Roadsowegoo

It is known as the “Venice of Netherlands” and was founded in 1230

Dorpentocht Giethoorn 2013NLHank

There were many holes dug by the initial residents

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Magda Djm

Which were later transformed into lakes

Giethoorn Netherlands Without Roads


Eventually leading to creation of bridges


Which made this village look straight out from a fairytale