Art of Mosaic: Unique Works Around the World

Mosaics have been used to tell a tale or convey a message, whether political or didactical, since the beginning of history. Traditional mosaics are generally made from glass, stone, or tiles. But modern mosaic art is made from any material in any size with different materials. So mosaics can be considered as many pieces coming together to create a unique and different art. While some artists preferred covering small areas with mosaics, others took their craft even further and covered the whole facades and even the buildings with mosaics. Here are some of the most beautiful mosaic arts around the world.

The Mosaic House

The Mosaic House in Chiswick, London is both a private home and a street art project created by the artist Carrie Reichardt. The house is covered with mosaic from top to bottom. It features the works of some of the world’s best mosaic artists who wanted to contribute to this project with their stories since its beginning in the 1990s.

Art of Mosaic, the mosaic house

Reichardt started the project to free herself from the restrictions she had faced from the art galleries. The house is full of political statements. It is also embellished with mosaic memorials. One of the most interesting tributes is dedicated to Luis Ramirez, who was executed in Texas. Since Reichard was also against the death penalty in America, and she was pen pals with Ramirez, she dedicated a corner to him by adding his prison ID card.


There are even cars in front of the house embellished with mosaics.


Mosaic Tile House

Mosaic Tile House is an art gallery located in Venice, California. It was transformed from a home to an art gallery by Cheri Pann and her husband Gonzalo Duran. The entire house, together with the gardens the interior, and the exterior, is decorated with intricately placed mosaics.

Art of Mosaic, mosaic tile house

Farnam House

Located in California, United States, the Farnam House is a private property belonging to Aziz and Louise Farnam. It is decorated with eye-catching and detailed pieces. In 2013, the house won a TLC contest for interesting California houses.

Art of Mosaic, farnam house

Luna Parc

Another great eclectic art, the Luna Parc is a semi-private museum, a private house, and an atelier belonging to the artist Ricky Boscarino. The house is located in New Jersey, United States. The house is decorated with whimsical, vivid, and detailed pieces. The outdoor appearance of Luna Parc resembles Gaudi’s Park Güell and the Hundertwasser House since Boscarino drew inspiration from both these places.

Art of Mosaic, luna parc