Wat San Pa Yang Luang: Silver Temple of Thailand

Thailand is a country with a rich history and culture. Wat San Pa Yang Luang, located in the Lamphun province, is a testament to this richness. The temple is one of the most impressive and historical temples in Thailand and Asia. Locals also call the temple one of the most beautiful temples in Thailand as well. The story of Wat San Pa Yang Luang starts with the ancient kingdom of Lanna, which ruled Thailand for centuries.

Wat San Pa Yang Luang

Wat San Pa Yang Luang was the first Buddhist temple of the Lanna Kingdom. The temple dates back to the 6th century and while it is one of the oldest temples in the world, it has a special meaning for the Thai people. The people who built this grand temple were not under orders or rich people. They were just simple villagers who wanted to have a place to pray and they worked together tirelessly to achieve their goals.

Wat San Pa Yang Luang entrance

Therefore, the temple is a symbol of national unity between the citizens of Thailand. The first relics of the temple belonged to the two apostles who helped and guided villagers while building Wat San Pa Yang Luang. Aside from its sentimental value, Wat San Pa Yang Luang is home to some of the most intricate and oldest carvings in Thailand.

Wat San Pa Yang Luang dragon

Each side of the temple is filled with diligently carved stuccos and statues of various sizes. The statues represent mythical creatures from Buddhism and Buddha. Despite its impressive status, in the centuries following its construction, Wat San Pa Yang Luang fell into despair. Either because of the population decrease or because of something more mysterious, the people of Lamphun stopped going to the temple. This was until the reign of Queen Chama Thewi, the first king of Lamphun and Hariphunchai. Chama Tewi ordered the reconstruction of the statues and other permanent objects. This saved the temple from becoming ruins and allowed it to survive to this day.

Wat San Pa Yang Luang buddha
Wat San Pa Yang Luang golden temple
Wat San Pa Yang Luang carvings
Wat San Pa Yang Luang statues
Wat San Pa Yang Luang temple buildings
Wat San Pa Yang Luang entrance and the statues
the temple elephant
the temple tortoise
the temple praying statues