40 Of The ‘Useless, Unsuccessful, and/or Unpopular Signage’

31. Typical Capitalism. Manufactured Scarcity

unpopular signageMiles Izzo

32. Pennsylvania Department Of Transportation Trying To Be Relatable

Evan Waite

33. We Don’t Pay A Living Wage, But Work Is Work Right. This Is A Circle K By The Way

unpopular signageKevin Laviolette

34. Are You Speaking From Experience, Sir?

Vera Bruursema

35. Baa Baa Black.. Clam?

unpopular signageHoward Davies

36. This Has Big “I Think Dogs Should Vote” Vibes

Jessica Kracoff

37. When You Want To Insult The Customer But Have To Be Politically Correct

unpopular signageNicole Eckstrom

38. No Touching Vaggies

Catherine Robertson

39. Okay

Kate McKay

40. Fish And Chizz??

unpopular signageSam Doble