40 Of The ‘Useless, Unsuccessful, and/or Unpopular Signage’

11. I’ve Never Seen A Bumper Sticker I Wanted More

Melissa Anne

12. Well That Escalated Quickly

Chyleigh Harmon

13. When You’ve Had Enough Of Your Man

unpopular signageKelly Sedlak

14. I Have A Bad Feeling About This Rest Stop Bathroom

Anna Hicks

15. Found Some Paperless Towels At Walmart Today. What Will They Think Of Next?

unpopular signageHansen Murphy

16. The Mechanic Left This In My Girlfriend’s Car After Being Serviced… The Car Is Still Dirty

Michael Dylan Faas

17. Please Don’t Follow Anybody Home

unpopular signageShravan Sunil

18. This Was A Couple Years Ago…and I Know What They Meant But… Still

Dave Brideau

19. I Don’t Even Know

unpopular signageDavid Bjorklund

20. Just Press Three 333 Times

Nigel Champion