30 Weird Signs That Exist Just Because Of People’s Ignorance And Malice

These weird signs are mostly used because of people’s ignorance and malice. They all are interesting to see.

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1. Travel To Country And Complain About Bad English

weird signsel_raton

2. Take Your [poop] Home


3. Found In London

weird signsxClouddd

4. People Won’t Stop Throwing Trash On Trees


5. When Your Neighbor’s Are Exhausted Of Your Fighting, It’s Time To Reflect On Some Things (Not My Photo)

weird signsTimeLordArtie

6. Mildly Infuriating That A Restaurant Would Need To Put A Sign Up Because Of Tiktoks


7. Stealing From A Self-Isolating, Vulnerable Neighbour

weird signsmaylesa

8. People Throwing Objects At A Dog And Scaring Him


9. If It’s On The Porch, It Must Be Free!

weird signsTimThomasIsMyGod

10. Let’s Just Get This Out In The Open